Millennium Explorer falls in the distinctive part of West Bengal. India’s North East region is a treasure trove for herbs, plants, animals and microbial resources. Despite of all the natural resources, North East remain one of the most secluded terrain of India with all the possibilities of economy rise. Millennium Explorer stepped forward with unique ideas and concepts to attract attention of globetrotters to this part of the world. We as an active organisation intend upon making the whole region blossom economically as well as culturally with immense tourist footfalls from all around.

Our organization originates from North East India with most of our team members from this region. They know the diverse cultural and untapped natural richness of the zone. According to National Tourism Figures, if this paradise attains 20 % of tourist to North East India, the region would be able to show remarkable changes in all fields.

We intend to present the true essence of the region and for this we have organized number of campaigns and shows. We are also trying to use other media resources through which can draw attention to the "Unexplored Paradise".